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Sunday, June 26, 2016

A huge squash harvest

How happy can a huge first harvest from your very own garden make you. Anyone who has grown food in their backyard gardens know the happy feeling. That is me today. Bright and beautiful harvest of lots of summer squash...makes me merry. It was my second harvest from garden today of this lovely vegetable. The first harvest was done two days earlier.
Summer squash for me was easy to grow, resisted pest problems and grew fast. It proved to be such an ideal crop for someone with no green thumb. I cannot eat them all and am planning to share some with friends. Hopefully, they can grill, saute or bake this summer delicacy this coming 4th of July weekend (healthy eating anyone?) . I will.

Happy Gardening.

Summer harvest..lettuce, cilantro and squash

Cocozella di Napoli (an Italian heirloom summer squash)