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About Farm Diaries - why I blog

Through this page, I intend to highlight the purpose and motive behind my blog Farm Diaries. 

A diary, in general sense, is something of a personal journal to jot down one's thoughts and to express themselves freely. My blog, too, is something along the same lines. While I don't use this platform to write everyday thoughts on personal matters and people, farming, as a profession, is very much personal to me. Writing the blog is a way to communicate how a farm and the farmer's life evolve around it. Farming is also my first entrepreneur endeavor that I am pursuing full-time and emotionally invested. It, therefore, is more than hobby gardening.

The purpose of my blog is to share my experiences about different aspects of growing food and building a working farm. The blog is not a how-to manual to do things the right way. As a beginner in this profession, the one thing I have grasped is that there is no one right way to do a thing. It is all about the context. By reading my journey and it's ups and downs, if someone benefits, that's a good side effect. But that I not my sole purpose behind the blog. The blog is intended for people who are somewhat interested in growing their own food either in their backyard or professionally. It is also intended for those who enjoy the experience of growing food for the community and like reading other's experiences.

About advertising: The blog contains Amazon affiliate links. You may also see advertisements in sidebar or footer of a page. You may also see links to certain products within the blog. These are some of the products that I have used in the past and worked for me. When a reader buys a product using an affiliate link on the blog, the blogger gets a small monetary benefit at no cost to the reader. The purpose most bloggers subscribe to affiliate marketing is to cover some costs of creating the content, services or consulting that they deliver.  That said, by blog is for information purposes and is not written in a way to attract a reader to shop for a certain brand. 
The blog does not incentivize readers through false advertising. 

Happy Reading