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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Introducing our e-gift cards

It has been two years since Brown Leaves Farm changed from being a land to being a business. I remember clearly the first day on my farm, two months after me and my husband moved in the house, on a sunny day in March 2017. I stepped out of my house to see what's out there. At that time, I had no clue about things will turn out and how will I bring a 10,000 sq feet section of grass and weeds to a productive space. I inspected the farm and did the easiest thing I could do that day...picking up some fallen tree branches and measuring bed space for two raised beds. That was it for the day. On that day, in my mind, everything else that needed to be done was beyond my skills and labor.

In last two years, I have not only raised vegetables on the same plot but also built a business around growing quality food for local markets and community. The appreciation, support and response about what I grow is the thing that kept the business going. Brown Leaves farm is a two person operation (1.75 person to be precise 😊  )  and we only sell what we grow during the season . As such, we try to keep the farm a lean operation so that we can maximize our tight budget and minimize food waste. We also continually try to improve our operations not just from production stand point but also for our customers that support us through out the season, even when we got 46" of rainfall in one year.

This year, we are introducing our first ever digital gift cards that can be purchased from our website here and used year round to make direct purchase of our produce. We want to make your shopping experience with us more than just cash based purchases. When you buy a gift card from us, you show your support for a small farm, it's value and it's people. This, in turn, helps us get some early season capital for the farm and keeps the wheels rolling. 

The gift cards also enable a cashless transaction during a saleThe gift card is unique to you and by just telling us your gift card number, you can make a purchase from your available balance. The gift cards do not require a weekly or quarterly commitment. You refill them as you like during the course of the year. It’s like supporting our farm but without any huge upfront investment on your part. When you use our gift card, it comes with the benefit of early season produce offerings including things that we grow in limited quantities or do not always bring to farmer’s markets.   Our farm’s gift card comes in denominations of $50, $75, $100, & $150. You choose a type you want and make purchases by ordering online or using it at farmer’s markets. Don’t forget, when you order online, you also have the option of produce delivery at your location. Here is how we see the gift card as beneficial to our customers: 

  • Customers with gift card get preference on produce in small quantities or seasonal availability . 
  • Shop cashless at farm or at farmer's markets
  • Purchase our early produce before farmer’s markets commence 
  • Ease of purchasing without always using cash, at farm or at farmer’s markets 
  • You subscribe, we keep track of your balance.  
  • No monthly or quarterly upfront cost. Use or refill the gift cards when you like. Gift cards are valid till end of the year. 
  • Know that you support a real farm that grows it’s own produce, takes utmost care of its soil and brings you healthy and tasty produce at all times. 
  • BONUS : for first 25 sign ups, to every dollar purchase of our gift card, we add 6% value on top your purchase quantity. A $100 gift card enables $106 worth of produce.

I hope you will like this new service and give it try. If you have questions, send us a message or an email. We can also be reached on facebook and instagram. 

Peace happiness and health 

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